Duct Tape

2023-12-12 00:00:00 / episode: 330


Duct tape is one of those Universal tapes used by inventors, household fixers and kids making projects.

You can use duct tape for sticking together all sorts of things.

In fact when I went climbing I almost always took a little bit of duct tape so that I could fix things or stick things together while I was climbing if I wanted to.


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Today's podcast episode is about Duct tape.

What is it?

Well with respect to duct tape I didn't do a whole lot of really in-depth research here but it seems like duct tape may have come from two different sources.

one source is a long long time ago they made tape that was made with ducking cloth.

so you would get duck tape. however in the 1960s in America they made a much stronger kind of vinyl backed class with a very strong glue and they used it on heating ducts.

hence the name duct tape. either way it's very strong wide tape with good glue and can be used in many situations

When was it invented?

It was invented In 1943.

This was in the middle of World War II and they were packing boxes with ammunition in them.

The way they closed and sealed the boxes was not very good and one of the packing women had an idea to make a new tape that was waterproof with cloth.

her bosses didn't like the idea so she wrote a letter to the president and he loved the idea and passed it on to the Army and they like the idea too so her idea was the origin of duct tape

What is it used for?

now duct tape is used for all manner of things.

I've seen duct tape used to hold cars together and duct tape has been used to repair bicycle tires and duct tape has been used to even do First Aid on people.

The question is not “what is it used for?”.

The question is what is duct tape not used for because it's been used for so many things which leads us to our next point

Strange uses

Duct tape has been used to remove sticker residue, it's been used to get rid of warts, and it's been used to open a lid that was stuck on a can.

Some people have used it to pick up pet hair and other people used it to patch holes.

I recommend getting on YouTube and checking out duct tape strange uses to get a whole bunch of video showing strange uses of duct tape

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