2023-08-12 00:00:00 / episode: 208




Now there's a complex topic.

Evolution is controversial.

That means people get really excited about it.

They love it or they hate it and they're willing to fight about it.

It's also complex.

That means that even after you teach it, many people don't really understand it.

In fact, if I give you my take on it, I might have something wrong too.

But I'll give it a try.

Anyway, evolution says that organisms make babies however through the course of their life, they experience mutations and when they make babies, they can pass on the mutations, the baby is not exactly like the parent.


Now some of the mutations are bad, baby dies, some of the mutations are neutral.

The, the new baby keeps the mutation and keeps on living and some of the mutations are beneficial.

So the baby can make more babies and pass on the good things that it has.

Most people think that's evolution, that last part.

But in fact, there's a lot of things that happen in evolution that aren't really good or bad.

They're random and neutral and they stick too.

And now some people are claiming, wait a minute, evolution is wrong.

There's a few people out there who say no, no, no.

God came along.

He made the world in seven days and he made all the animals and plants just like they are today.

Nothing changed.

And they don't want this evolutionary theory to be taught in schools.

They're against it.

Then there's another group who say, hey, you got to teach both theories, natural evolution and the biblical theory of creation.

Now, I think that's not like totally crazy wankers.

Except every e um religion could come along and say, teach mine, teach mine and pretty soon you have so much stuff that you have to teach, you can't get through it.

So I don't know.

Where do you draw the line? And furthermore, creation isn't a scientific theory.

Evolution is taught in schools in science class.

So I think that you should leave science to science and leave religion to religion.

Keep them separate.

But that's just my two bits on this, my two cents on this topic.

What do you think?"