Face Recognition

2023-09-27 00:00:00 / episode: 254



"Face recognition.

What's that? That's where computers using artificial intelligence can scan a photograph and identify faces in there, identify people in the photograph.

This is really cool.

I remember when I was using some software for my photos on my computer and the software had face recognition.

So I could go through and I could label about 10 or 20 photos of one of my sons.

And then the the software would go through the rest of my photos and find him in all my photos that made it easy to find all the photos with his face.

I could do that the same thing with all the members of my family so you could find all the photos of so and so.

Ok, that sounds cool.

But wait a minute, what about police departments using face recognition? Sounds good, right? They can use it for our safety.

Public safety.

The issue is when police departments are not working in the uh in the best interest of the citizens like a police state when they're using face recognition to control citizens and monitor their behavior and track them.

I remember reading one article, a mother was taking her Children to Disneyland, she did not want to be tracked.

Now, tracking is another issue, but it's when companies and corporations know your activities and then they can try and sell things to you based on your activities so that they make more money.

She didn't want to be tracked and she didn't want her Children to, to be tracked and there's cameras all over Disneyland.

So she bought some special makeup face paint that she could paint.

Delightful fun pictures on her children's face, like cats and dogs and bears.

And then the face recognition software could not pick up and identify her children's faces.

What do you think? Should we go this far to avoid face recognition? Because there's cameras all over the place and we can't stop what those people on the other side of the camera are doing with our images."