2023-05-14 00:00:00 / episode: 118




Do you gamble? You may gamble and you might not even know that you're gambling.

I consider myself a gambler.

Although I never go to casinos and I don't play cards and I never use money.

Actually, I'm not a gambler these days, but I used to be, I'm talking about my rock climbing days when I went climbing.

I was gambling on my ability, gambling on the rock that I was climbing on and gambling on the weather and my partner, most people think of gambling as in like a casino and that certainly is gambling.

But somehow for me, it was always boring.

It's exciting and it's hooking.

But it always left me feeling kind of sick inside and I, I don't like that feeling.

Plus gambling is just plain, not very good for getting money.

If you want to get money, there's other ways that are better.

I think, I suppose there are some professional gamblers who actually make a lot of money at it.

But I read stories about the casinos and if you win too much money, they don't let you come back.

They say stay home because the casinos want to get rich and they don't want to pay you money.

And I think most casinos are actually kind of rigged.

They're rigged to let you win a little bit and make you feel like you're winning.

But in fact, the casinos are winning and it's not actually gambling, it's fixed, but I might be a little bit cynical there at any rate.

Do you gamble in your daily life? Do you enjoy gambling with friends over a card of a game of cards or? How about video games? Once you play video games, you're probably gambling when you do certain moves that it'll work, you're trying at your limit.

And that's a kind of gamble.

Gambling is much deeper and more widespread than most people think.

It doesn't just happen in casinos.

It happens in all aspects of our life, including our social interactions.

When did you say something that was a gamble? Think about those types of gambles as well.

Thank you very much."