Grocery Carts

2023-07-08 00:00:00 / episode: 173



"Grocery carts when you go shopping in the supermarket.

Do you use a grocery cart? I don't personally I take the basket.

Now, that's an interesting point in itself.

When I was living in Canada, we didn't have a cart and a basket.

It was all one grocery cart and that grocery cart was big.

If you went shopping, you had a big grocery cart and then, you know, you'd have, you felt like you wanted to fill it.

Actually, I think that is part of the psychology of grocery carts.

They want to help you in the supermarket, but they also want to encourage you to buy more, fill up the cart.

But in Japan they have small baskets that you can carry with you or you can put on the grocery cart.

I find that a little more convenient, but I don't use the grocery carts because I don't buy that much stuff.

I go to the supermarket quite regularly.

So I never buy large volumes.

I can understand why people have grocery carts.

They don't go every day and they buy large volumes.

So it's easier pushing lots of stuff around in a cart rather than carrying it yourself.

But the gro grocery carts are largely unnecessary for me and they are bulky.

They get in the way.

I dislike them myself.

On the other hand, in Canada, they're much, much worse.

And I find another peculiar thing about grocery carts.

People push them far away from the supermarket and leave them there.

I, I thought how inconsiderate if the supermarket is good enough to loan you this cart so you can use it to cart your things around.

You should at least be good enough to return the cart back to the supermarket.

I honestly can't understand why some people don't return the cars.

It's selfish.

Anyway, do you use grocery carts?"