2023-03-14 00:00:00 / episode: 57




What does that word mean? When you hear it? Well, for many people, it means many different things.

Some people these days talk about white hat hackers and black hat, black hat hackers For myself.

I started teaching myself computers probably about 15 years ago.

And I thought I was a hacker.

A hack is somebody who does, according to some definitions, a hack is somebody who does things but not very well.


Sometimes we talk about hack jobs where you maybe make something or repair something but it's not done properly.

It's good for the short term solution, but it's neither beautiful nor really, really strong and solid.

So I was a hacker.

I still am a hacker.

All my computer stuff is good, but I wouldn't quite call it professional, although I am a little bit proud of it.

And now some hackers are bad hackers.

Those are the guys who break into computers that they shouldn't have access to and they steal data or they damage the data.

And then there's good hackers.

These are the guys who hunt the bad hackers.

They know the bad hacker techniques.

Some of the good hackers used to be bad hackers and they decided to change sides.

What about you? Do you know much about hackers? Are you interested in hacking hacking? Can be a lot of fun as long as you don't hurt people or break things.

Of course, go, go ahead, open your computer.

Start playing with it.

Now you're hacking.

Have fun hacking.