2023-10-29 00:00:00 / episode: 286


Hi and welcome to the Les bears dot com podcast.

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So every day I'll make a new podcast about a different topic.

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Hi and welcome to the Les Paris dot com podcast today.

This is episode 285 and I want to talk about Halloween.

Halloween is something that was really special for me when I was a little boy growing up.

I used to really look forward to putting on the costume, designing the costume, going out with my friends, trick or treating, getting the loot the candy, the bag of candy and bringing it home and eating the candy for days afterwards.

We liked the scariness of it.

We like the running around at night and the whole build up.

There were Halloween TV shows, there was the talk at school.

What are you gonna dress up as there was often a Halloween dance which was a lot of fun as well and it just seemed very, very innocent.

There were a few incidents where some nasty people did something bad.

They put, II, I heard there was a rumor, somebody put a razor blade in the apple and gave it to a child.

Now that seems a little bit suspect because it's so easily identifiable.

I haven't researched to see if there were other incidents, but it always seems now maybe it's a good idea.

If your child goes Halloween or trick or treating, check their, take their goodies, their candy when they get home and encourage them to not eat it along the way.

Of course, there's a risk with it, but at the, at the same time with any risk, there's a good opportunity.

There's, these are deep cultural memories, friendships and bonding going on with Halloween.

And it would be a real shame to see the end of a festival like Halloween for lack of a better word.

I'll call it a festival ending because of a very small number of sick people who try to harm others.

Of course, Halloween always had a few people who went a little bit too far.

They went a little bit too scary or their trick or their um, caper that they pulled on other people was a bit untasteful or maybe damaging.

I think that's inevitable to happen.

Any festival that you see around the world has some history of incidents and uh unwelcome events, but that's no reason to throw the whole event out.

I love Halloween.

Thanks for listening.