History of Balls

2023-02-23 00:00:00 / episode: 38



Balls balls are ubiquitous, that means they're everywhere.

We use balls in elementary school and junior high school, we use balls in our community sports

and we use balls in professional sports on television, balls are like part of our life.

Humans love balls.

I use balls teaching english in my english classroom.

The kids love it.

But what about the history of balls? Well, it turns out that we have evidence,

we have proof that balls were around 4000 BC.

They were used in hunting games in Egypt ancient Greeks and romans also used balls in their various sports.

Then in the middle ages, balls were used in various games that were a little bit new, like bowling and billiards and golf.

Around the 17th century, a new ball sport, tennis became popular.

Now we have balls in soccer and cricket and baseball and in the 19th century rubber balls were invented.

So that allowed more people to play these games,

rubber balls are a little bit lighter and softer and of course bounce better than the old balls.

Now we have balls and even more sports than before.

In the 20th century we developed sports such as basketball, volleyball

and recreational sports like hacky sack and dodgeball and even beach volleyball.

Ball sports are really common and really popular.

And the history of balls goes back a long, long time,

oddly enough, I think not everybody likes balls when you were in elementary or junior high school.

Did you like ball sports?

Did your friends like the ball sports for myself actually I don't like ball sports very much.

I prefer other sports that are a little bit more crazy.