How Loyal is YOUR dog?

2024-01-12 00:00:00 / episode: 361


Is your dog really loyal to you? Many dog owners feel their dogs are totally loyal to them, but at the same time some owners might have some doubts. Here are some signs that your dog is loyal to you, and at the end of this podcast, I'll talk about the shocking truth of your dogs loyalty. Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode number 361. Today I'm going to talk about the loyalty of your dog. There are lots of ways to tell if your dog is loyal, but here are six simple signs to tell if your dog is loyal to you


You know your dog is super connected to you when it sniffs you. Sniffing is the dog's way of finding out and confirming that you are you and also learning about your state. But when your dog sniffs you your dog also feels a lot of pleasure. Scientist found this out when they put the dogs in MRIs and looked at their brain. They found out that a part of the brain that's linked to rewards and pleasure lights up like a Christmas tree when they smell things that are familiar, especially humans that they know well.


If your dog comes to the door to greet you when you come home, you know your dog is connected to you. Now, of course you might be cynical and say wait. My dog is just hungry or he wants to go to the bathroom. Let's take a look at the opposite side. You come in the house and your dog retreats and goes away from you. That's a bad sign, when your dog comes to you they're happy to see you and even if they're just looking for food or a potty break, it's a sign that they're getting a positive reinforcement from you and they're connected to you.


If your dog sleeps next to you, they trust you pretty much. You're part of the group, part of the pack. When dogs are sleeping they are vulnerable, but if they don't mind sleeping by you, they're opening up their vulnerability to you which means they trust you which means they're loyal to you.

give you gifts

Sometimes your dog will bring things home in their mouth that are pretty disgusting. These gifts are just that… Gifts to you and it's a sign of the bonding between you and your dog so even if you don't like what they're giving to you, take it as a gift from your best buddy, they are loyal to you.

Follow you

When your dog is following you around everywhere that's a really good sign. They trust you and they are loyal to you. They love you and you make them feel safe because they would prefer to be with you than not with you. So you know your dog is loyal and happy to be with you when they follow you around.

The Gruesome Truth

But now we get into the gruesome truth. there are stories of dog owners dying, and the dog eats their master. This is absolutely disgusting, and incredible. On the other hand, there's a great deal of evidence to show that the dog was, in fact, loyal to their master and loved them. There are several cases where the owner was eaten by their dog. After they passed away that is, they were not killed by the dog. A lot of the scientists think that the dog went up to lick their master to check if they were really responsive or not. The licking often gets out of control and maybe they cut part of the face with one of their teeth and blood comes out. Then that blood triggers, an instinctual response in the dog, and they start licking and chewing more, and that turns into eating. You might be totally disgusted by it but it's totally possible if you die and nobody's there to collect your body your dog might eat you. But don't worry. This has nothing to do with their loyalty to you while you're alive. Your dog loves you. Rest assured of that. Thanks for listening.