2023-07-22 00:00:00 / episode: 187




Now there's a hot issue.

Immigration seems to be a problem around the world.

What policy should this country or that country have? And I'm not talking from the outside, looking at the country, I'm talking from the inside.

What policy does that country want? Do they want to have new people immigrating into their country or not? And people take both sides and they get excited about it right now in America, there's a lot of contention about immigration.

The people on the pro side say they, that America needs immigrants to boost the economy, fuel the economy.

If I make a quick comparison, they say it's like gentrification, the nice cheap, cool neighborhood that everybody wants.

Well, the rich people start moving in there and when they do, they've got lots of money so they can pay the top dollar for each of those properties and the value goes up pretty soon the poor people can't live there and then it's not the same neighborhood anymore.

It's full of different people, same with the country.

If you don't have a sort of a highly stratified society where people are stuck in their status like North America where it's a largely middle class society.

People start to get money, they get affluent and then they don't want to do the poor jobs or the low paying jobs soon.

You don't have anybody left to do the low paying jobs unless you bring in immigrants because they're gonna be low on the status level in the country and they have to accept whatever job they can, whether it be due to their lower education or their lack of language ability, or maybe even the conditions on their immigration.

Either way it helps that economy keep going.

The people against immigration say, hey, this is our place.

We don't want new people coming in.

There's not enough for us already.

We can't afford to have new people come in and they've got a good point too in, in many respects.

I don't know which side of the fence you're on.

But I'll tell you, I believe that immigration is good because it helps, not only the economy, not only helps the economy, but it also makes society more diverse and diverse.

Is strong.

Thanks for listening."