Impressionist Painters

2023-12-09 00:00:00 / episode: 327


Do you know much about Impressions paintings?

I know that I don't know much about them. other than to say I know the name impressionist or impressionism and if I look at a few famous impressionist paintings I might actually know that it's impressionist.

but I don't know why it's impressionist and I don't know what makes it impressionist, so I chose this topic as a good excuse to take a closer look at impressionism


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Today's podcast episode is about impressionist paintings.

What is impressionist painting

impressionist paintings are paintings simply painted in the impressionist style.

so that leads us to the question what is the impressionist Style ?

the impression is style as far as I can understand is trying to capture the quality of the light as the human perceives it and at the same time perhaps trying to introduce a sense of motion into the painting by The brush strokes and style and the depiction of light .

Who was the first impressionist painter

I didn't go too deep into the history of impressionism, and I don't know who the first impressionist painter was but I do know the word impressionism came from from the painting done by Claude Monet Impression Soleil Levant.

one of the art critics decided to call all these paintings impressionist in a satirical piece in a publication where he was saying bad things about this style of painting because Impressionists were not popular at the time

Where did they come from

They all started in France in the 1867s or so.

They finished in 1886 and that is the official end of impressionism. There was a closed group of artists that are considered impressionist.

They were unhappy with the traditional art of the time and wanted to escape the tight forms.

They painted outdoors instead of in a studio. They used strokes and colors and styles that were unusual for the time.

Are there impressionist painters today

It seems like there are no more impressionists.

Most commenters said there are pseudo impressionists making impressionist like paintings but the original inspiration is gone. People copy the style without the same intent as the original impressionists.

Cost of a painting

It doesn't make sense to talk about the cost of only one painting.

The impressionist paintings are still very popular and fetch very high prices as they are not making anymore.

The paintings are commonly in the millions of dollars even costing as much as eight million dollars or more for the high priced ones

Most famous impressionist painting

Perhaps the most famous painting is A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.

And the second most famous is Impression Sunrise by claude monet.

But this is just speculation on my part. Other people might have a different answer or opinion.

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