Invasive Species

2023-02-01 00:00:00 / episode: 15



invasive species.

The very name sounds complex and difficult, but it's just another problem that humans have made for themselves.

What are invasive species, invasive species are animals or plants or perhaps other living things like bacteria

that humans have brought from one ecosystem or environment to another.

For instance, humans brought something called the zebra mussel from europe over to north America.

And now there's big problems in the north american great lakes

because the zebra mussels are an invasive species and invasive species are very competitive in the new environment.

They can take over and crowd out the conditions

so that other app animals and plants living there can't survive anymore because they can't compete.

Currently, the bottom of the great Lakes are covered with zebra mussels and other things can't grow there.

So many people are saying some of the great lakes are effectively dead.

There's all sorts of examples of invasive species, like the rabbits in Australia.

There's also fish that were imported into japan for fishing.

And some of those fish have really take taken over the lake, invasive species are a problem because they harm the environment

and make it really tough for the living animals and plants there.

But they also make problems for humans.

Either they make problems directly or indirectly.

Either way we have to do something about these invasive species.

And unfortunately it's a really difficult thing to fix.

A lot of people have some ideas, but nobody's been able to fix any of these problems satisfyingly.


That's one more thing we'll have to look into and use more science to find the answer