Language Power Words

2023-04-02 00:00:00 / episode: 76



"Language, power words.

What do you think? I mean, when I say this, let's get into it.

What I mean is words that give you power in a conversation when you're talking with other people.


The the first power word that comes to mind is because it seems like an innocent and friendly word and it gives an explanation and in many situations, it's not carrying much power, but it has actual measurable power.

When you use it to make a request, they did a psychological study of people requesting something from other people in the in the study.

They were asking if they could use the copier first.

Some of the experiment people asked if they could use the copier first.

And another part of the experiment, the people asked if they could use the copier first, but they also used the word because to give a reason why they needed to use it, it turned out the reason wasn't important, the use of the word because was important.

And if they used the word because they got a higher rate of yeses.

People said, yeah, sure you can use the copier.

So if you use the word because when you make a request, you don't get a magical 100%.


But you get a much better chance of the other person saying yes to you.

The second power word that I, I know about is anyway, anyway, is really just an indicator that you want to change the subject of this conversation.

Maybe you wanna end the conversation or go back to another topic that you talked about earlier or you wanna talk about something new when you use.

Anyway, people seem to follow along to the new subject and they go with the change easier, they don't resist it.

So anyway, puts you in the driver's seat deciding where your conversation is going.

These are two great power words to use when you're speaking in conversations."