2023-09-11 00:00:00 / episode: 238




Laundry is one of those things that most people do with a machine.

Now, that's ok.

But let's think about this.

Is this necessary.

Do we need to use the machines? And do we need to do as much laundry as we do? I've heard that some people wear a shirt once and then launder it.

Well, I'm not gonna criticize people but there's a movement out there that says don't do your laundry.

Of course, they don't mean don't ever do your laundry.

They mean to cut back on doing laundry.

There are environmental problems with doing laundry and I won't get into all the details.

But some people are starting to go against the grain of doing laundry all the time and some people are starting to do laundry by hand.

The reason for doing the laundry by hand is to take away the convenience.

If something is convenient, we can do it more and more.

And we don't think about the cost.

Now, there are costs, we're using water, we're putting soap into the environment, we're using electricity.

If you do it by hand, you think about the costs a lot more.

Probably you'll also get a better clean.


Well, that's debatable.

It depends on how diligent you are doing your laundry.

But the point being there's now a group of people who are saying, let's think about our laundry.

Let's do it a little more cautiously.

And let's take care of the earth that we're living on.

I'm all in favor of that.

I don't really want to do all my laundry by hand.

On the other hand, I do do laundry by hand every week.

I run an English conversation school and the laundry that I do here.

Well, I don't have a laundry machine and I'm not going to walk to a laundry mat just to do a few little sheets.

So I do it by hand and it doesn't take very long and it's easy to dry.

So I think that we should all take a step back and give some thought to how we do our laundry.

Maybe we can save the earth a little at a time.