Lose Weight Diets

2023-07-21 00:00:00 / episode: 186



"Lose weight diets.

That sounds like just about every diet, you know? Right.

Well, not quite.

In fact, there's a lot of diets that are not for losing weight.

Some diets are for people with an illness.

For instance, if you have diabetes, you might be on a low sugar diet or maybe a low carbohydrate diet, depending.

And if you're a Sumo wrestler, you're on a put on weight diet.

I don't know much about the details of their put on weight diet, but it seems to work.

They put on weight.

On the other hand there, I wouldn't call sumo wrestlers fat.

They're pretty strong and quick at any rate.

Most of the people around the world think of diet as a way to lose weight.

That's a real problem.

Why are they so common? Why do we need to lose weight? It seems like our world is going in the wrong direction if there are so many people who have weight problems.

And I think it might be because of the companies, they've found a way to make money and they're selling us food that makes us fat.

Now, that's a whole other podcast.

But because of this food making us fat problem.

There's a lot of people who are overweight in the world that doesn't mean they're in good shape.

They're usually in bad shape and they're usually getting poor nutrition.

Oftentimes food that makes you overweight is not very nutritious.

So they need to go on the lose weight diet.

I'm not a diet expert, so I can't recommend a diet.

But before you start a diet, do a survey of all the diets that you can find.

And it's probably also good advice to get some experts advice.

Go to a doctor, go to a fitness trainer, ask for their input and their ideas.

Before you decide on a diet, don't just take the diet that your friend is doing because it may not be good for you.

Or maybe you don't need a lose weight diet.

If you're like me, I'm much more on a gain weight diet.

But I also want to gain weight in a way that I keep my mental clarity and have power through the day.

That's hard.

Good luck finding the right diet if you need one."