Lucky Numbers

2023-04-27 00:00:00 / episode: 101



Lucky numbers. Do you believe in lucky numbers? Do you have a lucky number? When I was young? My friends used to ask what's your lucky number? And, you know, my first response was seven after a while, I thought maybe I should change it because a lot of other people said seven and then I thought maybe four would be, would be a good lucky number because it's even, but I didn't make that my lucky number either today. I don't have a lucky number. Do you have a lucky number? Plenty of people have, they use them for choosing lottery numbers. They use them for setting dates, they use them for all manner of things. If you do a quick search on Google for lucky numbers, you'll find pages of lucky numbers for the lotteries. One particularly famous lottery is called Powerball in America. And you can get lucky numbers for that lottery too. Then there's lucky numbers for when to get married. There's lucky dates. These are numbers too, which date is a good date for this or for that. And some countries have these lucky dates built into the calendar. There's a lucky day in Japan. And I suppose the dates involved with those days would be lucky or not lucky, depending. And all these lucky numbers flying about. You'd think that they'd be overused. I don't know. But I did find a lot of sets of lucky numbers and ways of calculating lucky numbers. It's crazy what people are doing. I wonder, do people really believe that they have luck? And is the power of belief strong enough to make the nu- the number actually? Really lucky. What's your thought about it? Do you have a lucky number? What is it? And does it work for you? Ok. I'll see you later.