2023-06-05 00:00:00 / episode: 140



"Mountains, mountains are a special place on earth.

For me personally, mountains are not, not everywhere.

They're only in some places the mountain ranges and for some people, mountains present difficulty.

It's hard to farm them.

It's hard to move through them.

But other places or other people mountains represent, uh shall we say distance and um separating yourself from others? Mountains can be a great place for an adventure or a holiday.

Mountains are beautiful to look at but mountain weather is also severe and difficult to live in mountains have snow, not all mountains, but many mountains have snow.

And with that comes avalanches in danger.

I like to go climbing mountains and other people like to walk between the mountains or drive their cars on the roads through the mountains and look up and take photographs of them.

Mountains can symbolize different ideas.

They can symbolize permanence and unchanging, but they also symbolize man's desire to climb closer to God.

And as you climb up the mountain, you're getting closer and closer spiritually to God.

Mountains are deep and profound, they can be silent and they can have very, very hard, hard aspects to them.

Yet at the same time, they are beautiful, they can be cold and they are resistant.

Of course, mountains are made of rock so they're very, very strong.

Mountains have a lot of meaning for man.

What do mountains mean for you?"