Music Therapy

2023-04-14 00:00:00 / episode: 88



Music therapy.

Did you know that music can be used as a form of therapy? I was looking at different kinds of music therapy and what it can do.

I think it's quite amazing the range of things you can treat with music.

Of course, there's obvious ones like it can improve your mood and it can improve your motivation, it can release stress and it can improve pain.

Music therapy has been used to help people for a long time all over the place.

One of the stories I read was a boy who needed to go to physical therapy.

He needed to train his body again to walk because he had a problem and he didn't like the training.

But when they used music, he started to enjoy the training, the music was music therapy and it motivated him to do the physical therapy that he needed to walk again.

It has helped people to cope with degenerative diseases, diseases that make you feel bad and just get worse.

Things like Alzheimer's, there has been lots of stories of using music therapy for people with Alzheimer's.

I think you could use music therapy to help people with weight problems as well.

And you could certainly use music therapy to give people inspiration, people who need to get out of uh shall we say the writers block where they're trying to create something and they can't find anything in their mind.

Of course, it can help with other mental conditions like depression.

I don't think that music therapy all by itself is magic, but you can use music to change your mood and to change your breathing patterns, which has a really, really profound effect on your life in your life.

You probably listen to music.

Do you think of it as music therapy?