My Favorite Restaurant

2023-01-19 00:00:00 / episode: 2



I live in Ikoma which is a city right beside Osaka.

Ikoma is a bedroom community for Osaka so there's not a lot of great shopping

and there's not a lot of high level restaurants here.

But there are lots of family restaurants here.

It's a good thing for me because I like family restaurants.

I actually don7t have a taste for expensive high level food.

I'm a very ordinary guy.

One restuarant that we have in out neighborhood is called Steak Gusto.

And Steak Gusto has as you can imagine, steaks and hamburgers

but they also have a great salad bar and that restaurant is one of my family's favorites.

Actually I like it quite a bit but it's not my favorite.

Another standby restaurant which we go to is Rai Rai Tei which is a ramen restaurant.

They have great ramen there if you want just ramen.

And you can get ramen with piles and piles of chopped green onions on it.

I really like that one myself.

In fact most of my family does too.

There's another restaurant that has stamina ramen which is spicy and gyoza wich is sort of a pork chinese dumpling.

It's good and filling but again it's not quite my favorite although I really enjoy it.

My favorite is a fancy Italian restaurant.

It's called Toyojitalinos and it's about a ten minut walk from my house.

They have good food there but it's a little bit more expensive

and when my boys were young they didn't like it very much.

They were much more into the family restaurant type food.

So we don't go there very often.

It's kind of a save for a special ocassion restaurant.

So I want to go there soon but I don7t think I can.

There are good sushi restaurants because after all I live in Japan

and my whole family likes sushi too

but we never go to the expensive sushi restaurants.

and the family style sushi restaurants, although they're good just couldn't be called the favorite for me.

It's not the number one restaurant that I want to go to

even though it's really good.

So what's your favorite restaurant and why?