Mysteries of the Natural World

2023-03-22 00:00:00 / episode: 65



Mysteries of the natural world.

Well, the natural world has lots of mysteries.

Things that we don't really understand yet.

There's too many mysteries to cover here.

Let's talk about a few fun ones.

First, I'll talk about the singing sands.

Then I'll talk about space jelly and then I'll talk about the ball lightning singing sounds.

This is a strange phenomenon.

A strange thing where the sand in the desert starts to sing.

It's been found in more than one dessert.

It's been found in many deserts.

It happens when the sand is blown by the wind.

The strange thing is the scientists can't explain why it's making the noise.

It sounds like a deep hum or a drone or maybe a swarm of bees flying and they don't know how to explain the sound that the sound is making, but they have heard it and they have heard it again and again in many deserts around the world.

One day, I'd like to go to a desert to listen to the singing sands.

The next one is Space Jelly.

This one really truly sounds weird.


Falling from the sky.

It falls out of the sky.

People come along and find it.

They don't know what it is and they maybe want to pick it up and take it home, but it sort of evaporates before you can do anything with it.

Of course, it's there for a while, I suppose you could pick it up but you can't take it to the university, to the scientists because it will evaporate before you get it there.

Nobody really knows what it's made of why it comes down or where it comes from.

They just call it space jelly or star jelly.

And then there's ball lightning.

That's kind of a weird one where lightning usually comes down from the sky to the ground in a nice line.

But this ball lightning is lightning that it's got an electrical charge and it moves around, it's got light but it takes the shape of a ball and it sometimes moves sideways and it's very hard to predict.

In fact, it's very rare.

People almost never see it.

But scientists once again, can't explain what it really is or how it occurs.