2023-05-11 00:00:00 / episode: 115




Do you eat nuts? And if you do, how often do you eat nuts? I didn't eat nuts a lot when I was younger.

Especially as a boy, I thought nuts were yucky.

I thought they were bland and no taste.

They were sort of, um, woody.

But as I grew older I grew to appreciate the fine flavor of nuts.

Now, I have nuts every day.

I have nuts in my Muesli.

Um, I buy the nuts and I make my own Muesli.

I think that, that way I can avoid, uh, extra additives that the companies put into the products before they sell them anyway.

I get almonds and walnuts and I, I think I might get a few other nuts too.

There's lots of kinds of nuts.

One of the nuts that's not actually a nut is the peanut.

I know.

It sounds strange.

It's called a Peanut.

So, you think it's a nut? But the scientists say they're actually not nuts.

They're different from nuts for one thing, they grow underground.

I don't know much more about that.

I haven't really studied it because I don't want to make this podcast too difficult.

But be careful when you're eating nuts.

How about pine nuts? They're full of oil.

That's one thing that nuts have a lot of that's good for us.

I was reading about Walnuts because I have a medical condition and it said that the Walnuts have a kind of fatty acid, uh, oil that's really good for us.

And we should eat lots of it.

You can also get it in salmon.

I also like to have, uh, what's the one almonds? Almonds are really good for calcium.

It, it said, and since I don't drink very much milk, I want to get as much calcium as I can.

So I enjoy eating almonds.

I really like chocolate covered out almonds.

How about you? Do you get chocolate covered nuts from time to time? Do you eat nuts on a daily basis? You know, they make a great snack in between meals.


That's all for nuts for today."