Oil Changes

2023-02-08 00:00:00 / episode: 22



Oil changes Do you have a car? If you have a car it's probably a gasoline car and you need to get the oil changed from time to time I saved from time to time because the time has changed over the years It used to be fairly regular, you know, just every 5000 km or so But nowadays, cars are getting much better and the oil is getting much better, so the oil changes are needed less frequently. Well, there's another thing coming onto the market today. that's changing things a lot for oil. That is the electric cars, electric cars don't need oil. You see oil is in the gas cars to keep the metal parts lubricated. That means they're smoothly sliding past each other If they don't have oil, they get heated up really bad and the engine can burn out. that'll wreck your engine and you need to buy a new one. So people were pretty careful to get the oil changed in their cars. When I was a teenager, I got my driver's license shortly after that I taught myself how to do oil changes on oil changes Kind of basic maintenance in your car and if you couldn't do it, you know, people ask you, should you be driving a car because you can't even take care of it? It was a kind of dirty process, but a lot of people could change their oil nowadays Nobody changes their oil It seems And that's because the engines are pretty fancy and it's a little bit more complex, but the cars of tomorrow probably won't need oil changes because they're gonna be electric cars and they don't need oil at all On the other hand, they will need some kind of maintenance because all motors have problems if they are left too long, you know, wear and tear, running down, breaking So if you have a gas car or an electric car, you should still take it in to get a service once in a while So it keeps running smoothly.