Portable music

2023-05-15 00:00:00 / episode: 119



"Portable music.

Do you have portable music? I know I do here on my smartphone, which I'm using to record this podcast.

However, it wasn't always portable.

I remember when cassette tapes came out and they were the first portable music, you could put sounds and music on the cassette tape and then you could put it in a cassette tape player and move it around.

And as time progressed, the cassette players became smaller and smaller.

And then there was the digital Sony Walkman.

Well, first there was a cassette Walkman and then after that, they moved into digital.

Once the music became digital, the sky was the limit.

Now you can get unlimited music and it's portable.

As long as you have an internet connection.

Apple made its debut after uh the initial um crash with the computers, they debuted the ipod and that was porta portable music.

Then they decided to include the ipod features in their new phone, the iphone and that's portable music.

And now Android has smartphones, which have portable music.

It's a wonderful thing.

But what about 100 years ago? How is musical portable then? Well, you carried it in your head you'd carry a guitar or some other small instrument and you'd pull out the instrument and play it on the spot.

I think that's the, the roots of portable music and the sort of the core of portable music.

Let's make music where we are on the spot.

And of course, we could get to the most portable music of all a cappella singing, singing without musical accompaniment.

Your voice is the music, I think that's the most beautiful simplest music of all.

And it's distinctly human.

What do you think?"