Public Schooling

2023-05-05 00:00:00 / episode: 109



"Public schooling.

This is a controversial topic.

Well, yes and no, of course, everybody wants public schools, but nobody wants to pay for them.

And everybody wants to say what they should do in the public schools.

Indeed a sort of controller of culture and society.

They set the tone and make this the Children of tomorrow without public schooling, all sorts of things would change.

People wouldn't be able to grow up and go to get high level jobs.

In fact, even simple things like nutrition would go down.

There's been proven studies that sending especially girls more than boys to elementary school increases the nutrition in the country and it lowers the birth rate.

Now, that's important today because our world is crazy overpopulated.

We're over eight billion people.

Now, of course, some countries are starting to go down in, in their population growth.

Their population is getting smaller.

But thanks to public schooling, that's starting to happen other places too.

So we need public schooling for health.

We need it to prevent overwhelming control of our growth of our populations.

We need it for just having literate citizens, people who can speak and think with uh some knowledge, we need to know about our past, our future, we need to be able to read and write.

And especially now with artificial intelligence gaining ground, I'm afraid that a lot of people are going to deli uh depend on artificial intelligence.

Public schooling gives us the skills that we need to think for ourselves and not depend on computers.

So we need to keep public schooling going.

But we also have to stop fighting about it, what we should teach and how we should teach it those.

Well, I used to think that was quite important but now with the level of fighting going on over it, I think we should leave that to the teachers, let them teach.

What's good."