Public Transport Seat Covers

2023-04-30 00:00:00 / episode: 104



Public transport seat covers.


That's a big one.

These are the covers on the seats on trains and buses.

Have you ever really paid attention to the covers on these seats? Well, most people generally agree on a couple of things.

They're usually ugly.

They're usually quite bright and they're often not quite bright enough to make you feel sick.

There's a couple of reasons for this, but there's a guy on Instagram who's going around the world, literally around the world picking up pictures of public transportation seat covers.

He's got hundreds, perhaps thousands of pictures of the designs in his uh Instagram account.

Number one, these covers have to be memorable.

So they make crazy patterns.

They're something that you can actually look at and sometimes see patterns inside the patterns.

Another thing is they need to be fresh.


They have to be fairly bright in color.

If they're too dull, they are not gonna do their job and you can see stains on them or garbage too easily.

If somebody spills a drink and it stains them, you'll see it if it's too bright or too light and you'll see it also.

If it's too dark like water stains.

Another one is intricacy.


That's a big word.

It means it's gotta be a complex pattern.

If it's just one color, probably it won't be able to hide the stains very easily.

And anti dazzle.

These, these designs shouldn't be so crazy that they make you feel sick in the old days.

Some of the designs were too crazy and they make you feel bad when you looked at them, you can make designs that can make people feel ill.

In fact, and these ones are not supposed to do that public seat, uh covers have a lot of jobs to do and it's hard to make these covers.

Have you seen any that were really crazy?