2023-09-09 00:00:00 / episode: 246




I think they've got to be one of the most beautiful things in nature and there's something that I like to collect.

How do you collect a rainbow? Well, my way to collect rainbows is to spot them first.

You can't collect it.

If you don't spot it after you spot the rainbow.

Fix it in your mind, memorize it, record it, make a photograph in your head and keep it because they're beautiful and we only have so many days on this earth.

So you may as well go out and collect beautiful things because there's lots of ugly things and they don't make our life any better.

Rainbows are like little prisms.

They're like the glass that, um Newton held.

When he made his rainbow in the room, they separate the light into different uh colors.

The light that comes out of the sky is white light, but it's not really white.

It's actually a mixture of all colors.

And when we pass it into the rainbow or pardon me, into the rain drop and then it comes out again, reflected, it's coming out separated and all the colors are visible, you can see the red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

By the way, the way, the way I remember that is Roy G Biev.

Roy GB IV.

And each of those stands for the color that I just said.

So, rainbows are so beautiful, try and capture them, but even better is the double rainbow.

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? That's where one rainbow appears inside another rainbow.

You can see two shimmering arches in the sky when you look at the rainbows, almost certainly.

The sun is to your back.

You want the clouds in front of you and the sun behind you and you want a little bit of rain still falling to make that rainbow because that's what's actually making the rainbow is the water droplets in the air.

Rainbows don't last long.

They're fleeting, which is exactly why we should capture them.

Go out and capture your rainbow.