Reverse Signals

2023-08-25 00:00:00 / episode: 221



"Reverse signals.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the lights on the back of the car.

I'm talking about the lights that go on when you put the car in reverse and it starts moving backwards.

These lights are very important because, well, you need to tell everybody around you that you're about to move backwards and the lights are the easiest indicator.

Some trucks also have a audio signals.

They have a beep, beep sound so that you can hear it.

Even if you're not looking.

Sometimes I think that the sound is better than the light because you don't have to actually have your head pointed in the direction of the car or truck.

No matter where you are, the sound will enter your ears and you can be aware that that truck is moving.

On the other hand, I hate the noise.

It's just noise to me and it's usually too loud.

It's not a little bit loud, it's too loud.

I think they've designed those reverse audio signals for industrial places like factories where there's a lot of machinery and it's really noisy, but in a normal um road, it's really noisy.

If you stand beside it, the loud is too much and the lights, well, they're good.

They're necessary.

But these days, a lot of the car manufacturers are getting kind of crazy about lights and they're putting the lights in funny shapes.

Some of them are skinny and pointy and they have arrows and they, they go flipping along.

It's not a nice, clean, simple light.

I think simple is best and just a big square, flat light on the back of the car on either side is the best way to indicate that the car is going backwards.

Today's discussion of reverse signals involved.

A lot of difficult language.

Be sure to listen again and again to get used to those big words."