2023-07-05 00:00:00 / episode: 170




What kind of image comes to your mind when you think of a robot? For me, it's a humanoid thing.

It looks like a human.

It has arms and legs and it can walk and it does things for humans.

It does what we ask and tell it to in a sense.

A robot is a mechanical servant in my image.

Well, that's my childhood image.

Now, I've come to think of robots a little bit differently.

A robot is a servant.

It's a program I can make robots on my computer just by putting in instructions and those instructions will be done.

But there's no actual body for the robot.

Unless you think of the computer as the body, it goes out and maybe sends email for me or it might check the weather for me.

Robots are all sorts of things.

Google uses robots.

They send robots out to find all the new websites on the internet and come back and report so that Google can help you find them.

Well, anyway, let's come back to the romantic image of robots.

The childhood image where they move around their actual physical beings that can move and jump and they're getting very advanced these days.

Now, they do have walking humanoid robot robots and some of them are quite dangerous.

They've actually started making attack robots.

I think they want to use them in the army.

And from some of the videos that I've seen, they're quite scary.

And then there's all the robots that you think of in the car automation plants and the cars these days, they're working on driverless cars.

Well, gee, that's a robot and there's all sorts of robots in factories.

And now we even have robots in our house.

The, the Roomba vacuum robot robots are on the rise.

They're slowly becoming better and better.

I wonder if we, one would one day will have robot servants that do what we want them to."