Roman Empire

2023-03-01 00:00:00 / episode: 44



The roman empire. The roman empire was a huge thing in Western history and as such, it left massive legacies. Now, I'm not talking about the roman republic which came before the roman empire, I guess. Uh it sort of split it after a D 27 augustus declared the roman empire. And so we're talking about all this stuff after that. But really these legacies come from Rome itself, whether it's the republic or the roman empire. So for instance, measurement standards, Okay, the romans made standard measurements that were used across the roman empire and that continues today. We now have standards that are accepted not just across a country, but internationally and that has really, really helped civilization grow. Another one is language, the roman language. Obviously it didn't start with the roman empire, but the roman empire was so strong that it spread the roman language and said it as the standard language of communication. They even said lingua franca. Okay. The language that everybody could communicate to each other with another huge legacy is law. Now, the romans were, by modern standards, fairly barbaric. They did things that we would be shocked and appalled at today. But I'm not talking about the actual laws of the roman empire. I'm talking about the legal principles, a lot of the legal thinking and the way that we approach laws and approach situations that was handed down from the roman empire to present day and we still have in many uh legal proceedings, latin terms to express ideas that came directly from the roman empire. Rome had a huge impact on our, our history and continues to influence us today.