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Do you know what a is? It's kind of a big sheet of fabric.

It's probably about a meter wide and maybe 1.5 m long or two m long.

And you can use it to wrap around your body as clothing.

Very, very simple.

Now, I don't know exactly how long it is and it can be different sizes.

I first came across Saros in Africa.

I was with some travelers and they pulled out a sarong and used it while they were changing from one piece of clothing to the next.

They could wrap it around their body and that became their actual changing room.

They could change privately in public and it was useful at the beaches so they could put on bathing suits and take them off without becoming naked in public.

They also used sarongs for going to the shower because it's very easy to take on and off and they dry quickly in case you're still a little bit wet.

Sarongs are beautiful.

They can have different colors and designs on them.

And of course, you don't need to use the saro as clothing.

You could use it to carry things you could wrap things up.

That's kind of like the Japanese style fuki and you could carry things um, and sling them across your back with the sarong.

I'm sure there are other uses for sarongs as well.

I have a few and I use them for table covers.

You can just throw it on top of a table and if you wanted to, you could put it on a chair and that would help.

Um, well, maybe if it's an old chair, it would cover up the old stains or wear and it might also protect the chair.

Where do you get sarongs? I found them easily in the market in Africa, but since then I haven't been able to find out where to buy sarongs.

I don't need them in my current life.

So I'm not shopping for them, but they're great for traveling.

Next time you go, traveling, pick up a sarong and make your life convenient."