2023-09-30 00:00:00 / episode: 257




Well, there's a big topic because it's a word that has many meanings.

Do we mean fish scales? Do we mean scales for weighing things or more specifically bathroom scales or do you mean scale is in that row of numbers indicating how much something is? I'm not gonna talk about the last one and I don't want to talk about the first one.

Let's talk about bathroom scales because yesterday I talked about bathroom tiles.

Bathroom scales are, you know, one of those things that people buy and put in their bathroom.

Why? Well, they wanna know their body weight these days and for the last 40 50 years or maybe a lot longer people have been concerned about their body weight and rightfully so because there's a lot of people who are obese in this world, they're overweight, they're just having too much body and they want to make sure that they can monitor it so they can go down.

So they buy bathroom scales and check their weight on a regular basis.

Why the bathroom? Because the bathroom is where you take your bath and when you take your bath, you take off all your clothes at least most of us do.

I certainly do.

And then when you are standing naked with no clothes on you, it's easy to take your body weight on the bathroom scale.

You can measure it and it's fair if you do it with clothes on, the problem becomes what clothes are you wearing every day, you're gonna have a different kind of clothing and that's gonna change your body weight and you won't get an accurate reading.

So you don't know if you're losing weight, gaining weight or staying the same.

So people buy bathroom scales and put them in the bathroom and there's all sorts of bathroom scales.

The cheap ones are kind of electronic.

You step on it, there's a little screen that pops on and shows you a number one of the more expensive bathroom scales I've seen was a real scale where you stand on it, there's a plate that you stand on and it pushes down and when it pushes down, it pushes up against uh a rod that goes up to a, a stand that which is at waist height in front of you and there's weights on there and it moves up and down.

You can move several weights until it becomes balanced and then you know your true body weight.


That's a real scale.

Anyway, what kind of scale do you have in your bathroom?"