2023-02-11 00:00:00 / episode: 25



Shish kebabs

Do you know what those are? When I was growing up, we called them shish kebabs

But they get called by different names in different places

Some people call them souvlaki

Some people call them shashlik

I don't know all the names for them,

but they're skewers with meat on them

and probably vegetables and their barbecued and they're really delicious

I didn't make many kebabs when I was growing up

But every time we had them, they were really yummy

And I haven't had cheese kebabs for about 25 years now

At least they're fairly easy to make you just get a cube of beef or lamb or chicken

You can marinate it, you can marinate it with spices or maybe even yogurt

Then you can put them on the stick or the skewer and then you can add all sorts of vegetables

Some vegetables are bell peppers or tomatoes or onions

After that, you grill them ideally over some beautiful hot charcoal or coals

Nobody knows exactly where they originated

But a lot of people think they came from the Middle East

Maybe your country has something similar to shish kebabs,

the word souvlaki that I said earlier,

that's the name for Shish kebabs in Greece

and in Mexico they have something similar called Al Hombre in Japan

They have Yakitori, which is basically the same thing

Only a little bit smaller and it's chicken

The Yakitori in Japan is really, really yummy

And a lot of people like to go to a Yakitori restaurant on the way home after work

Do you get a chance to make shish kebabs or your version of them?

Do you have a special recipe or maybe a special sauce to put on them? Tell me about it if you get a chance.