2023-03-26 00:00:00 / episode: 69



"Silverware. I didn't do anything to prepare for this podcast. So I haven't studied about the history of silverware and I really can't talk about it like an expert. But as a common person, we had silverware when I was young growing up in Canada, my mom put the silverware in a very, very special silverware box that had special shapes to hold the spoons and the forks and the knives. And we only got the silverware out on, well, maybe once a week, we got it out on Sunday evening for dinner for a while. For several years, we had special Sunday dinners. But as the family grew older, that sort of wore down and then we got the silverware out less and less. Of course, you got it out for special occasions to like maybe a birthday party or a wedding. But I don't remember seeing the silverware very often. Um And to, to think about it now, I don't even know what happened to the silverware. I'm sure somebody in my family got it after my mother passed away. But the silverware was always a special item and you couldn't just put it in the dishwasher when it came out, it had spots so you'd have to shine the silverware. I've heard of people shining the silverware because it got tarnished. But that never seemed to happen in Canada. Maybe it was just too dry in western Canada. Um, the silverware was quite expensive. You wouldn't, you know, by this thing lightly but it was sort of a sign of, uh, special is a specialty for a special occasion. Kind of like really nice clothes and getting dressed up. It seems today in Canada, all the special customs are going away. We don't dress up as fancy as we used to. We don't have special dinners with silverware and cut crystal glass. How about where you come from? Do you, do you have anything, do you have silverware or do you have anything like silverware that you only use on special occasions? Let me know if you have a chance."