2023-08-19 00:00:00 / episode: 215



"Have you ever gone skating? Well, me being born in Canada, you can bet that I went skating.

I went skating probably every year.

Of course, as I got into, uh, junior high and senior high, I didn't go skating so much.

Maybe not at all.

I'm not really fond of skating.

It's ok.

My dad bought me skates because he was a hockey player and he desperately wanted me to be a hockey player and I didn't want to be a hockey player, but I didn't mind skating somehow putting on the skates was unpleasant.

They're hard cold leather, they're quite cold and you have to lace them up very tight.

Otherwise it's very difficult to skate properly.

And of course, the whole area is cold.

The place where you put your skates on is cold.

Outside is cold if it's an indoor skating rink, well, it's not freezing cold but it's still cold.

Remember in Canada it gets quite cold outside minus 20 is probably good skating temperature.

I've gone skating in Japan too.

I wanted my sons to learn how to skate.

So they've all both gone skating with me.

Unfortunately, recently the skating rink near us.

Disappeared, they closed it down kind of too bad, but I don't have strong feelings about it.

So, skating has been something I've always done.

On the other hand, learning the skating technique helped me to learn ski skating.

Now, ski skating is something that I really love.

When I was a little boy, I didn't like skiing, at least cross country skiing.

But when I became a mountain climber, I learned how to ski skate and the rhythm and the speed are exhilarating.

When you're in good shape.

Ski skating is possibly the best sport of all.

I love ski skating if you like skating, try ski skating if you can."