2023-08-04 00:00:00 / episode: 200



"Soap? Isn't it a wonderful thing? Mark Twain thought it was horrible.

He thought that soap was the beginning of civilization and civilization was the beginning of the end of man.

Of course, he was only joking.

It was quite amusing to read that.

But at the same time, soap does have sort of civilized tendencies.

When you go out camping, a lot of people don't take soap with them.

They say, well, just wash your hands in the stream.

Soap is wonderful stuff.

It's very simple and easy to make.

Relatively speaking, you can add nice powdered, um, scents to it.

You can make it, um, smell beautiful with perfume and you can make colors in the soap and give it different soap bar shapes these days.

You can even get soap.

That's a liquid soap and soap that comes out already pre foamed.

That's amazing.

Personally, I prefer bar soap.

It's good old fashioned and it works.

If you use soap for cleaning your body or your hands or your face.

Well, that's fine.

But there are other uses for soap.

You can use soap, for carving.

Let's carve nice little, um, statues with it.

One of the best uses I found for soap that's really practical is after you get a mosquito bite, if you get the mosquito bite and you notice it right away.

Put soap on it, maybe get me, get the soap a little bit wet and then rub it all over that mosquito bite.

That will prevent the mosquito bite from becoming itchy.

It's amazing and it works and it even works hours after the mosquito bite.

So, don't wait, put soap on it.

Soap is um indispensable.

I think it's gonna save society.

When Coronavirus came out, we were all washing our hands with soap and I think that really helped us a lot, cutting down transmission of the disease.

So be sure to have soap on hand."