Star Gazing

2023-04-15 00:00:00 / episode: 89




That means looking at the night sky.

Do you ever go out and take a look at the night sky as a boy in Canada.

When I went camping, I used to look at the night sky.

Now, to be honest, I didn't memorize the stars.

I was somewhat lazy as a little boy and I thought that's too much work.

Plus when adults tried to point out a constellation, I couldn't find it.

I couldn't see the pattern they were looking at.

I was simply lost.

Seeing too many stars up there.

Now, in northern Canada, the milky way is very easy to see if you're not in a city.

So seeing too many stars was pretty natural for me.

Now, as I raise my own sons, I really make it a point to show a few landmarks.

I'm still terrible at constellations.

I only know two or three or four, but I seem to keep a handle on the planets because they are a little bit different.

The first thing I look at in when I'm stargazing for a planet is I look for something that's bigger than a point of light if it seems to have even a tiny uh width to it.

Then it's probably a planet.

Also, planets are pretty bright.


Some of the brightest things in the sky are Jupiter and Venus.

Two planets that you can see easily with, without any kind of binoculars or telescopes.

I like to look at them but they come and go naturally because the planets are always moving.

Another one that's easy to see is Mars, it's a, it's not quite as bright and it's not quite as big, but it's red.

So it's a little bit easier to see.

And last year for the first time ever in my life I saw Saturn with my naked eye looking at things with the naked eye, seeing planets with the naked eye is a really good feeling.

It's really cool.

It makes me feel connected to the universe.

Do you ever go out and look at the night sky and do stargazing?