Study Hacks

2023-05-21 00:00:00 / episode: 125



"Study hacks the other day, I was looking at a book that my son was reading.

He goes to a cram school and he wants to get good marks.

He had a book from the library that was about study hacks.

I was quite impressed, he was reading it and enjoying reading it.

So there's lots of study hacks.

I was really amazed how many there are.

I only know one study hack.

I'm really, really impressed with it.

Well, actually a few, they're all sort of time based.

The study hacks that I like to talk about very, very simple, but they're kind of hard to do.

Number one is study for short periods of time and study frequently.

This is excellent for memorizing things.

If you want to really get a, a good skill up, practice the skills frequently for a short period of time, another would be spaced repetition.

That's when you're really trying to memorize new information, learn it and then repeat or review it after a few minutes and then gradually make the space before the next review, longer and longer.

Eventually you're talking like days or weeks before you, you review the information.

But these are all time based.

What other study hacks are there? I did a quick search and I found space.

The space or the environment that you study in is really, really big.

One of the coolest ones that was in my son's study hacks book was put your back to a wall.

Then you can study at ease.

You don't have the, the sort of subconscious thinking that somebody might be coming up behind you so you can relax and focus and concentrate better.

Another one was explain what you're learning.

If you can explain it to others, you're gonna get it better in your own mind and you're gonna find out what you don't know.

Then there's music.

If you get onto youtube, there's all sorts of channels that offer music for studying too.

And of course, meditation, if you meditate that increases your ability to concentrate and it helps you regulate your attention.

So, there's a couple of simple study hacks.

What's your favorite study? Hack?"