The Problem Tyler Found with Supplements

2024-04-16 00:00:00 / episode: 382


Let me tell you a story about Tyler, his search for the perfect supplement and his relieving discovery.
But first we need to know a bit more about Tyler. You see Tyler had a lot of problems. He had mood swings. He was not very happy at his work. He had trouble with his weight. And he was a bit suspicious of authority. Because of these problems, Tyler decided to find supplements that could help him.

Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode 382. This episode is about a fictional character called Tyler and his search for supplements.

Mood Swings

Tyler felt great most of the time. His friends and colleagues thought he was a bit intense. He had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. But then there were times when he slowed down. He had a heavy spirit, and low motivation. Tyler noticed this himself and it worried him. Yet he distrusted authorities and did not ask for advice. Instead he started to research supplements. He thought there might be a supplement that could help him. He tried one for a month but nothing changed. Then he tried another for a few months. He found a change in his moods, but there was another change that concerned him.


After two months on his second supplement, Tyler noticed that he had really put on weight. In fact, he had put on 5 kilograms in about a month! This was very concerning. He thought about diets, but his eating habits had not changed that much. Instead, he began to look for new supplements. Indeed, there were supplements to help almost anything, including losing weight. He found a few supplements and decided to try them. He wasn’t worried about using supplements yet. It wasn’t long before he felt he had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Tyler had brought his mood swings down a little bit. Then after gaining weight, he took a supplement to help lose weight. Indeed, his weight gain stopped but after two weeks, he realised that his quality of sleep was pretty low. He woke up tired and irritable almost everyday. It was amazing how it correlated so well with the weight loss supplements. Although he was getting nervous about supplements, which I’ll get to in a few moments, he was still convinced by many of the marketing claims that he had read.

Yet More

He found a new supplement that promoted good restful sleep. He started taking the new supplement right away. Once again, the promise of the supplement was fulfilled and he got better sleep. He also was drowsy during the day. He was talking about it with one of his colleagues. The colleague asked him where he did his research. Then he and his colleague made the connection. Many of the research sites he used were getting financial support from the supplement companies! He was shocked and dismayed. After a few weeks of soul searching and deep thinking, he made a decision.

The Reason for Supplements

Tyler did not trust authorities. He did not want to go to doctors and get medicine which he felt was unnatural. The whole reason he was using supplements was because he felt they were ‘natural’. Now, he decided to continue searching for natural solutions but without supplements. He quit using all the supplements right away. He adopted a simple balanced diet and regular exercise.

Relieving Discovery

This is where Tyler made his relieving discovery. By eating a simple balanced diet and doing moderate regular exercise, he was able to achieve all the goals he wanted using supplements. His mood swings were moderate and natural. His body weight stabilised at an appropriate level, and he got good sleep every night.