2023-01-22 00:00:00 / episode: 6




I'm sure everybody eats it or has eaten it at some point.

I talk to my students about toast and everybody knows about it

and more than half of my students eat it regularly.

But it's interesting because they don't say they eat toast.

When I talk to my Japanese students are talking to me in English

They tell me they eat bread.

Of course bread doesn't sound very interesting

and they don't say 'sandwiches' so my image is just plain white bread.

and I talk to them about it.

Then we discover what they mean is toast

because in Japanese although the word toast exists in Japanese

they don't use it

they just say bread.

However English makes a big distinction between bread and toast.

Another interesting thing I found in Japan is some people like very lightly toasted bread

almost to the point of not being toast in my image.

Whereast me and most of my Canadian compatriots like dark toast

and butter on toast versus margerine.

Which do you prefer?

I always choose butter over margerine if I can because of the flavor.

I love it.

But I don't eat toast very much.

I think I have a problem with gluten which is in the wheat that they use to make toast.

I also think that toast with butter is not very healthy.

I think butter is ok, but it's not good if you mix it with bread.

Bread and butter, although tasty, is probably a bad combination for your health.

But I'm not a doctor so check with your doctor about that.