2023-01-20 00:00:00 / episode: 3



I really like the animation called My Neighbor Totoro.

One could argue that the main character is Totoro itself.

And that brings me to another question.

Is Totoro an it, or a he, or a she?

Well, I'm a guy and guys are terrible, so they tend to call everything 'he'

but for safety's sake, let's say 'It'.

But anyway, this anime was the first anime that I watched from beginning to end in Japan.

Before that I didn't have a good impression of anime but after I saw this one, I thought anime was great.

As it turns out I think I really enjoyed Ghibli studios, but I actually don't enjoy most of the other anime.

It's really not to my taste.

Anyway, it was the first movie that I watched from beginning to end in Japanese where I understood more than 80% of it

so watching that movie gave me great feelings.

also it's just a happy movie.

The Totoro is a nature spirit and it's benevolent

One thing that I think is really cool is it has teeth

so it's a good natured spirit but it's powerful and it can bite if it wants to.

I thought the small totoros that followed around the big one were really interesting

because for a while there I thought this was the only totoro and then when I saw the small ones

I realized it's more like an animal, sort of a species of it's own so that was a kind of surprise for me.

In my school, where I teach English I have a stuffed animal Totoro and it's really great

and almost all the students like it and

I like it quiet a bit too.

It's one of the coolest things that I have for teaching with.

And it just has a good feeling of sort of wholesome natural and uh, good feelings.

Tell me what you think about Totoro if you get a chance.

I'd be willing to

I love to hear about it.