Ukranian Eggs

2023-03-20 00:00:00 / episode: 63



Ukrainian eggs, otherwise known as Ukrainian Easter eggs.

Do you know about these? They are beautiful eggs made in the Ukrainian tradition.

Some people look at them and say, oh they're painted eggs but they're not really painted.

They're made with dyes.

That means the whole leg is put inside the die.

When I was a boy growing up, my parents were interested in exposing us to different cultures and different traditions.

As a result at home, we learned how to make Ukrainian Easter eggs.

As one of our projects.

I loved it as a boy.

The way you make them is first after cleaning the egg, you get a special uh tool that can put beeswax onto the egg and you put the beeswax on in a design.

The part of the egg that is covered by the beeswax is gonna stay white.

Then you put the egg into a di the part that's not covered by the beeswax changes color.


After you take it out dry it, you can put on the beeswax again, on top of the died part, now that part of the egg will keep that color and you can keep on continuing putting more beeswax on, more color, more beeswax at the end, the egg is almost completely covered in beeswax and all your dyes have been used.

Then you take the beeswax off by gently heating the egg.

You can poke a hole in both ends of the egg and blow the egg outside of the shell.

And now you have the Ukrainian Easter egg.

It's beautiful and it's actually a great joy to make.

I would like to make them again today.

If I had the materials.

Have you ever seen Ukrainian Easter eggs? If you haven't take a look on the internet, they're beautiful pieces of art.