Which Sunglasses are Dangerous?

2023-12-31 00:00:00 / episode: 349


If you're thinking about buying some sunglasses beware.

some sunglasses are dangerous and can harm your eyes.

let's take a look at a very important feature of sunglasses that you need to protect your eyes.

hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode number 349 about sunglasses.

if you're going to buy some sunglasses you're probably thinking a little bit about fashion and a little bit about the bright light.

sunglasses will make the light a little bit less intense and a little bit less bright

so on a sunny day you can look without squinting or feeling uncomfortable.

your eye

now we have to talk about your eye a little bit.

in the center of your eye if you look at it in the mirror there's a black spot.

the black spot can get bigger and smaller.

this is the pupil of your eye. this is actually a hole that lets light inside the eye.

on a bright day, the pupil becomes small.

that's because there's a lot of light out there and you don't need that much like to see.

if there's too much light in fact you can't see very well. so the pupil becomes smaller to let in a smaller amount of light.

just tinted

Now if the glasses are merely tinted without any protection from glare and UV light, then your pupils will remain big.

this can be a problem because the UV light can still go into your eyes and cause damage.

you might feel more comfortable with these tinted glasses on

but in fact you're causing damage to your eyes.

and just like your skin can't feel UV light your eyes can't feel UV light.

it's only after the damage is done that you begin to feel the pain.

what should we do?

make sure that you buy sunglasses that have UV protection built into them.

with UV protection you can cut down the amount of damaging UV light

that goes through the glasses into your eyes.

this is an important layer of protection between you and the light outside.

is that all?

on top of UV protection you might also want to get polarized lenses.

discussing polarization is a medium complex topic.

Let's just say that polarized lenses cut down the amount of light going into your eyes.

this can reduce the glare and make it even easier to see.

is that really all?

Actually you cannot even go one step further.

the color of the tinting can be important, depending on the activity for instance in general outdoor activities a gray tint is good.

however with water sports related activities,

a brown tinted might actually be better.

I recommend doing a little bit of research and a couple of Google searches before you go

out shopping for sunglasses